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THE TRANSPORTAL: Three Seconds of Eternity...

Dreaming and waking life, hypnosis, meditation and any other form of consciousness, are all equally as 'real' by any fair definition of the word, or so I now believe. It is believed that time is a construct of the human imagination, and is itself nothing more than change. We all have a very deep sense of the passage of 'time'; this is possibly one of life's greatest illusions. We are in constant battle with this apparently external force, but what if our very minds were responsible for its progression and held the key to its control?

The physical structure and chemical makeup of the human brain, from instant to instant, constructs every detail of the 'world inside our heads' that we tend to believe is true to what really exists outside of our minds, as the rest of the physical or material world. I had always wondered if our three plain spatial dimensions and one linear dimension of time were all that exist, or if our minds are only tuned to pick up a narrow band of experience, so as not to constantly overwhelm us, in the virtually limitless expanse of possibility. After all, who do we have to compare notes with, but ourselves? Normal consciousness, so I reasoned, was a result of the hardwired neuronal wetware and complex chemical makeup of our brains. What if our normal experiences of day to day life were but a narrow band of possible experiences? Are these experiences true to Reality? Furthermore, what if that band could be shifted to another part of the cognitive spectrum, or even expanded? I believed that "ordinary experience is an island in a sea of possible modes of consciousness." I digress.

I had been working on an idea of mine for six years that if proven to work, could actually definitively answer my questions. I had thought up an electronic device that would make use of the brain's tendency to follow, and actually match through frequency following response (FFR), any rhythm of sub-audible beats. By using three such cortical potential frequencies, I supposed, it should be possible to actively control consciousness itself. The device I dubbed the Trinaural Brainwave Synchronizer or TBS for short. Through the tangled web of wires in my garage/workshop, an impressive machine both archaic and futuristic in appearance had slowly emerged. The machine was fashioned around an old grey dentists' chair I had picked up at an auction. Three tendril-like probes extended from either side, and back of the head support. On the ends of each probe were affixed a multitude of piezoelectric, ultra-low frequency 'speakers' that would supply the sub-audible sounds directly through the skull, bypassing the ears. Two computers fed the contraption intravenously through dozens of wires and a multitude of slave processors necessary to provide real-time execution of the nearly 1TB, 1 hour long sound file. This program was like no other; I constructed it from scratch myself, and it was the most densely complexified sound-file ever made, streaming at almost 2.25Gbps! The computers were also responsible for tracking the user's (my) vitals, and would terminate the experiment in a controlled fashion immediately, should any parameter be exceeded. In retrospect it would have been a good idea to monitor brain activity as well; hindsight is always 20/20.

My wife, Amanda, was more than a little apprehensive of me using the machine to say the least. I had been preparing for my voyage for months. I completed the final construction of the machine at 4:30pm, July 24th, and with no way to mock test if any of it would work, I couldn't wait for the real test. By 20 past five I had finished briefing Amanda with instructions of what to do if anything seemed really wrong, had asked her not to interfere unless I appeared to be in physical jeopardy, and almost convinced her that it would be very safe and that little could go wrong. This was a lie I knew, since I really had no idea what I was getting into, but it was the only way she would help. It was possible, I told her, that nothing at all would happen, and it was.

I set the TBS computers to run the test for thirty five minutes for the first test. This would be just long enough for me to see if there would be any effects, I reckoned, and just what those might be. The machine would run the test on me and complete exactly five minutes later.

Shaking quite a bit from nervous anticipation, and nearly prepared for anything, I pushed the initiate button. Vibrations penetrated my head and instantly my existence in this dimension, this physical domain completely ceased. I heard a crumpling sound inside my mind and had the sensation of ripping through a membrane like cellophane. On the other side of this membrane, every colour in the rainbow and seemingly many others danced and intertwined before my eyes. I felt as though I was falling and then abruptly stopped. I separated from my physical self, and my awareness was dropped into what I could only describe as a hyperspacial bardo. This was a world between worlds; a realm of existence and non-existence at once. I had the feeling that I was in the presence of an "ecology of souls", though this was more felt than seen. All around me I could feel the presence, or "spirit" of these beings. Was this death I wondered?

I seemed to be standing on a beach, as I turned around this became a small island of coral white sand floating in a sea of multicoloured mercury. As soon as this image became solid it began to fragment into a trillion pieces. Everything I saw fractalized and I was sucked into this ever-expanding void at a more and more rapid pace. What I saw was so incredible I knew it to be impossible, yet there it was. Is seeing believing? Space seemed to extend into another dimension, a whole fourth spatial plane. What had been spheres of light turned into multi-faceted bubbles, almost too intense to look at. I knew that if I could just bring one of these objects back with me, the world would never be the same again.

I had a strong sense of synesthesia when I tried to touch one of the objects. It is very difficult for me to explain this, but I actually heard music, created by the presence of these objects when I reached out for them.

I felt as though I had existed in this state for an eternity and had all but forgotten my distant existence in the physical plane, when I regained consciousness here. Without warning, the effects subsided to baseline and I found myself staring wide-eyed at Amanda. She was on the verge of panic and told me that as soon as the machine had started my eyes rolled back into my head and I had appeared to collapse in the chair. Three seconds after I pushed initiate, Amanda used the emergency shut down and ended the experience. It is possible that she saved my life by doing so; I often wonder what would have happened if she let the machine continue. What I had experienced was three seconds of eternity within my mind. In my subjective time, I had lived a million lifetimes and seen unimaginable things.

It took several weeks for me to come to terms with what happened that evening. Even now, as I write this a month later, I am not completely convinced that what I saw was not in fact real, strange as it may seem. Stranger yet, I wonder if I am not still experiencing the effects. I haven't had the courage to use the machine again yet. I'm not ready for it. I could spend the rest of my natural life trying futily to understand those three seconds of experience. I have been given an awesome experience and been allowed to see behind the scenes of ordinary experience, though I don't yet know why. I have a new understanding of the depths of reality and will never see things in the same light again. I would say that it was the most powerfully beneficial, uplifting, yet disorienting and humbling experience of my life. I won't let anyone else use the machine until I have determined what caused its effects and ensured psychological and physiological safety for the traveler. This has the potential to be an incredibly powerful tool if used in the right way, with equally as many opportunities for misuse. Like all powerful technologies, it has the power for good and the power for evil.

Steven Young - July 22, 2004

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"Reality is merely an illusion, albeit a very persistent one."
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